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  • June 20, 2016 - Jim Carter -Moving house

    How to Minimize Time, Cost and Effort in Moving House


    When it comes to moving house, it is always better to work smarter and not harder. Failure to plan and organize your move, well in advance to the actual moving date, will lead to you spending way too much time, money and effort on the move. Further more, a number of tricky questions raise in your head such as would I need a professional moving company? The primary goal when it comes to moving house is to do it as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. And in order to do that, you need to know these clever ideas and tips to minimize time, cost and effort in moving house.

    Find a Cost-Effective Moving Date

    Talk to your movers to figure out when the best time is for the move. Most movers are fully booked during summer months and weekends. So if you can book a date during the winter, or during the work week, you are more likely to get a better quote from your local movers company, Metro Movers. Be sure to do the booking in advance. This is to ensure that you have enough time to research moving companies, compare quotes, bargain, and finally pick a company that suits your needs and budget. Doing all this will take time and so starting in advance, say six weeks prior to your move, will greatly benefit you.

    Do The Packing Yourself

    Of course packing up your things yourself, instead of relying on packers and movers, will help you cut down cost. Most people tend to ask their friends and family to help them out with the packing. This might not be such a great idea for two reasons. One: You might end up spending a lot of time chatting and hanging out than actually packing. Two: What most people don’t seem to consider is that while you don’t have to pay money to friends and family, you will still have to show your gratitude by buying them pizza and beer. And that can be a considerable expense, depending on how many people you invite to help you out. But if you do the packing yourself, you will save that money. Trust us, moving house can be a very expensive time. Every penny you manage to save will make a big difference to your final budget.

    Transport Small Boxes in Your Car

    You can always try to transport small items in your car. Doing this will give you more space in the moving truck, where all the bulky items can be loaded. Just be sure to pack everything really well, bubble wrapping fragile items and securing boxes to keep things from getting bounced around and /or broken.

    Get Rid of Junk

    We tend to accumulate a lot of junk over the years. And moving house is the perfect time to get rid of all that. Be ruthless and get rid of anything that you haven’t used in the past and are not likely to use in the future. Getting rid of junk means that you have lesser things to move, which will ensure that your move is faster and less expensive.

    You can hold a garage sale, try selling your things online or simply giving them away to people who need it. If all else fails, just throw them away. You do not want to be hoarding junk in your new place as well.

    Ask Your Moving Company for A Final Estimate

    One area that most people overlook is to ask their moving company for a detailed breakdown of their prices. The worst thing that you can do is to assume that the quote provided by the moving company will be the final amount that you will be paying. Be warned that there might be additional fees and other costs added to your bill. So talk to your moving company and ask them about all the charges and what you can expect. This ensures that your transaction goes smoothly without any unpleasant surprises when it comes to paying the bill.

    Consider The Hidden Costs

    If you’re planning to do the move yourself; that is packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking the stuff, you need to take a minute to consider the hidden costs involved in doing so. It all comes down to what is more important to you—time or money. Because moving house will eat up a lot of your time. Add doing the actual move yourself and we are talking about hectic, back-breaking work that will take weeks. Is that a fair payoff? SO much of your time and effort just to save some money? Not to mention, loading and transporting bulky items can turn out to be a disastrous scenario if you’re not experienced with doing it. Also, movers typically use appropriate equipment such as a ramp and a trolley, to do the move as efficiently as possible.

    There is also the fact that if you’re thinking about a DIY move, then you will have to take time off work. And that translates to loss of pay. So consider all the hidden costs involved in doing the move yourself, look at the pros and cons of both sides, and then decide which option works better for you.

    Do DIY Home Repairs

    Once they move into the new house, most people find that there are some small home repairs that need to be done. Instead of calling an electrician to change the bulb, or a plumber to unclog the sink, try doing some DIY home repairs. You can google almost anything from how to fix a leak to how to fix a window pane. So why not do-it-yourself rather than calling in someone. Just make sure that the task that you take up is doable and not too complicated. The idea is to successfully do it yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you.

    These are some easy ways in which you can save time, cost and effort while moving house. If you know someone who moved recently, give them a call and ask them for advice. They will have a lot of insight and tips that will help you make your move without a hitch.

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